Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SWTOR and Babylon 5

My buddy Chris has been trying to get me to play Star Wars The Old Republic for a while now. It's a Star Wars MMO and though I'm a huge Star Wars fan I have put it off as I knew, like with Lord of the Rings Online, once I play it I'll be addicted. But I promised when I got a better internet connection that I'd give it a go. Well today is the day. We played for two hours.. the first half hour was just creating my Jedi Knight. I am very happy with the way he turned out. I wanted Quinn for his name but of course it was taken and after trying many variations one finally worked.. so he's still Quinn just spelled Qwwin. As I mentioned he's a Jedi Knight and on the side of light.

I had a blast playing as I knew I would and I can see myself spending hours upon hours playing. But I also know I don't have a ton of free time and when I get a job that time will be even less. So my challenge will be setting aside a few hours a week to play. Same with LOTRO and I plan to start up on the Star Trek MMO as well.

Now that I'm back from my vacation and Robert is all moved into his new place we started up our TV nights again. It's been just over two months since our last TV night. We picked back up with Babylon 5. Tonight we watched two episodes. We started with S4 Episode 13 "Rumors, Bargains and Lies" Here's a brief synopsis; Delenn meets with Neroon to discuss the war that's torn their planet apart. She proposes a plan but she'll need his support. Sheridan launches an eccentric plan involving misdirection, rumors, etc, to get the League to agree to a new role for the White Star Fleet.

It's been way to long since we've seen B5, and it took a few minutes to remember what was going on but once we up to date we jumped back into the action. I enjoyed this episode. Lennier is really the unsung hero, he'll do anything for Delenn. I love the amount of guilt he put on those other Mimbari religious sec member who were going to kill everyone on the ship. Not sure what is going on with Delenn and Neroon.. the jury is still on on what he is actually up to.

The Sheridan storyline was fantastic. He manipulated all those alien races and got them to ask for his help. Kudos to Sheridan.. well done.

We then watched S4 Episode 14 "Moments of Transition" Here's a brief synopsis; The Minbari war between the warrior and the religious castes comes to an end, leading to the formation of a new Grey Council. Bester comes to Babylon 5 to make Lyta an offer. Clark's forces attack a transport convoy carrying thousands of civilians, prompting Sheridan to change strategies.

Again another good episode, it was good to see Lyta and I felt bad for her but things were hitting rock bottom so I understand why she did what she did. Still hating Garibaldi, don't know why they are going this route with his character.. I hope there is a good reason. Loved all the Mimbari stuff. Both Robert and I had a feeling that Neroon and Delenn had a plan and in the end he sacrificed himself for Delenn and went from Warrior race to Religion race before being vaporized.

And then you had the last two minutes when you find out that President Clark killed 10,000 innocent civilians trying to escape the war and that pushed Sheridan over the edge. Time to change tactic and go on the offensive. I knew this had to be coming.. look forward to seeing where this goes.

About five minutes into this episode our buddy Dallas texted us and asked if we wanted to walk a few laps around the park. Robert and I debated on whether we wanted to stop the episode for the walk or not.. in the end we figured it would be good to get some walking in, especially after our pizza dinner... so we stopped the episode and walked for about an hour and a half. Once back at Robert's place we finished the episode and I headed home for the evening.

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