Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Geekie Awards & LOTRO

So I'm judging the Geeky Awards again this year. I judged the category of podcasts last year and had so much fun. This year I'm doing podcasts again but I'm also judging cosplay...woot!!  Today I had some free time so I went over the rules of judging both categories and checked out some of the entries. It's gonna take me a good few days to go through all the entries (which is awesome). And like last year there are some really amazing podcasts out there. Also like last year I'll be adding more podcasts to my "must listen to" list. I look forward to checking out more in the weeks to come.

Today my buddy Chris and I were finally able to play some Lord of the Rings Online. We haven't really played together since he went to Kuwait seven months ago. It was nice getting in 3 hours of questing, thought I wish I had more time to spare. I could have played all day. LOTRO is awesome but it's more enjoyable when you guest with friends.

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