Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More Potter, Attacking Cats and B5

Warner Bros announced the release date for the first of three films adapted from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter companion book; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The date they chose is November 18, 2016. Interestingly, this release is only two days after the 15 year anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie release, which was in theaters on November 16, 2001.

The film will be set in New York, 70 years before the tale of Harry Potter becomes famous within the wizarding world.

What is crazy is the release date is set but that's about it, the have not announced a director, or cast for this film.. but I guess there is plenty of time for that.

This video is making the rounds on the internets today and when you first watch it, it's hard to believe.. but this is what happens with a dog picks on this cats human.


TV night continues with my buddy Robert. We are still watching Babylon 5. Tonight we watched S4 Episode 15, 16 & 17

First is S4 Ep 15 "No Surrender, No Retreat" After Clark's order causes the death of civilians, Sheridan decides it's time to attack Clark's forces directly. First mission is a colony that's being oppressed by some Earth Cruisers. Some in Earth force also distrust Clark, Sheridan might find some allies, amongst those he might be fighting. Meanwhile, Londo and G'Kar begin the slow process of rebuilding their frayed relationship.

I really enjoyed this episode, it's the beginning of a new civil war. It has some great writing and the battle scenes were cool. It brings up a good question about the military. When is following orders to much, when do you say no to killing innocent people. I like that we got a wide spectrum of different opinions among the ship captains. It's not so black and white. 

I liked the scene with Londo offering an olive branch to G'Kar and G'Kar's initial reaction to it. By the end he does take Londo's offer and signs a joint resolution to support Sheridan efforts to free Earth (But of course he won't sign on the same page at Londo). 

And Garibaldi leaves Babylon 5 for good and heads to Mars. If you have read my previous review you know I haven't been a fan of Garibaldi this season. I know "something" happen to him and he's not being himself but it doesn't make me like or accept what he is doing any better.

Our second episode of the night, S4 Ep 16 "Exercise of Vital Powers" Garibaldi meets with his benefactor. He wants to join with Edgar Industries. But his employer wants proof of his commitment. He want Garibaldi's to bring in Sheridan. Meanwhile Franklin finally manages to temporarily revive a telepath that had been captured by the Shadows. He'll need Lyta's help to continue his research.

Another good episode, both A& B stories dealt with telepaths. First we kind of find out what Williams is up to and that it involves telepaths. Back on the station Lyta and Dr. Franklin are also working on helping the telepaths they have on ice on B5. I like the Lyta character so it's always nice when she has a bigger role. I can't wait to see her full potential. I know they are leading up to something with the telepaths.. I just don't know what exactly... 

I'm so hating Garibaldi more and more, I hope they explain what happen to him very soon as he's pissing me off with everything he does. They have taken one of my favorite characters and turned him to one of my least favorite. Kind of like what they did to Londo and though Londo has his moments of being a decent person I still dislike his character and think it will take a lot for me to like him again.

And our final episode of the night, S4 Ep 17 "The Face of the Enemy" Garibaldi sets up Sheridan who is promptly taken into custody by Clark's men. Garibaldi's behavior and what happened to him when he disappeared in his Starfury is revealed.

We go further and further down the telepath rabbit hole in this episode. We find out that telepaths are taking the law into their own hands and doing things that made Lyta want to leave the core. Garibaldi finds out that William has a virus that will kill all telepaths unless they take the antidote every few weeks, which of course William has control of as well. Garibaldi set's up Sheridan and when he just sits at the table while Sheridan is beaten down. I didn't think I could dislike Garibaldi any more.. but I was wrong.

But the big reveal of this episode is that they finally explain what happen to Garibaldi and why he is the way he is now and I have to say it was a satisfying explanation. I had no clue what had happen to him so it was a surprise to me when they revealed that Bester and the telepaths were controlling him.

During the beginning of the episode Robert and I were discussing that maybe this was all planned by Sheridan to get Garibaldi in good with William but when he turned on Sheridan and betrayed him we realized that this was not the case.

I'm so glad that we finally found out what's be going on. And unlike Londo's character I felt sympathy for Garibaldi, I look forward to his redemption. It's going to be a struggle because all of his friends think he betrayed Sheridan, and in a way he did, but not by his own doing. 

So that's it for our TV night.. the story is ramping up.. I know something is going to happen with all these telepaths.. can't wait to see what it is.

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