Friday, May 16, 2014

Potter, Toys, Wars and More Potter

A friend on Facebook posted this picture in my time line and I got a kick out of it so I figured I'd share it with you all. I'm not big into beer pong but I'd play this version for sure. ---->

If you know me or read my blog on a regular bases you know I collect action figures and other movie and TV memorabilia. In the past I would have up to 70% of it displayed in the extra room I always had when renting apartments. When I purchased the house some years back my plan was to build a toy building on my property but as you know things didn't quite work out as planned and my collection sat in the plastic bins in the garage for over four years. Well I sold the house and am now living in a much smaller two bedroom apartment. And as much as I hate to do it, it's time to thin out my collection once again. I did this once before around 10 years ago and it's time to do it again. I plan on selling up to 1/3 of my collection. Some of the things are easy to get rid of like Chicken Run action figures.. why did I buy these back then... not a clue. Guess I enjoyed the movie so I purchased the figures. But others are tough like my X-Files action figures. I'm still a big fan but I don't love them like I do my Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek or Lord of the Rings things.

So starting today I am going through about 50 plastic bins and seeing what I can't live with out and what I sell on ebay or give away. It's tough to get rid of things but I know there is no way I'll be able to display everything and there is no point in keeping it if it can't be displayed... I gotta be strong.

Today social media went crazy with the release of the very first image from the new Star Wars Episode Seven movie. I mean it's only a slate with the title on it but it's official.. a movie that we thought we would never see has actually started filming... woohoo.

And the last thing I wanted to share with you guys is a USA Today video taking it's readers behind the scene of the new section of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley. I can't wait to go (though it will probably be several years before I get there.. I still can't wait).

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