Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Typical Day!!

I always laugh when I get responses to my tweets, blog and Facebook posts saying "Oh you live the life I want to live" or "I wish I had your life". Yes I do some fun things from time to time but that's all you guys see/read about and is normally just a few days out of the month. I don't tweet, blog or Facebook about the other 28 days of the month when I am sitting at home, bored, lonely, frustrated, struggling to motivate myself to be productive. So I have decided to blog about my typical average day so you guys would understand that my life isn't all fun and games that my online persona would lead you to believe.

I wake up around 7am and will lie in bed playing a few games on my phone. I'm out a bed by 7:30 and on my computer checking emails, Facebook and Twitter. I then spend about a half hour going to the various "job" sites looking for a work. 99% of the time there is nothing and frustration sets in.

I then make breakfast and will normally watch TV while I'm eating. Now this is were things can vary. Depending on what's on TV/Tivo recordings I can sit there for a half hour (if I'm lucky) to four/five hours, until lunch time.

If I was lucky and managed to pull myself away from TV I tend to work on blogging (I always seem to be behind) and/or Podcasts. I currently only have two in production (MASH 4077 & Alien Nation). So that is 3 episodes of a month (2 MASH, 1 Alien Nation).

I'm currently blogging about my vacation, I've blogged 9 of the 34 days. Because I try and be as detailed as possible it takes me about an hour or so to do one blog. And by the time I'm done with one I take a break from the computer and usually watch some TV (hopefully don't get stuck watching hours of it).

When I edit podcasts those can take me four to six hours to edit and I normally go through stages with those so I do my initial edit pass, then add audio clips from the discussed episodes and finally a third pass to "sweeten" the audio (add blends and such to make it sound good). I do tend to take breaks between each pass.

I normally will eat lunch anywhere between noon to 2pm. Again I normally watch TV while eating so I do my best to not get sucked into another four to five hour stent.

After lunch I go back to podcasting/blogging until around 6pm when I eat dinner.

At 6:30/7pm I go across the street to the park to do my 45 minute to an hour workout/jog/walk.

I get back home around 7:30/8pm and relax on the couch or check emails and such before I Skype chat with my buddy Erik. Erik and I Skype chat nearly every night from 8:30pm to 10pm. We either watch TV together (something we recorded) or catch up on each others lives. It's something I look forward to everyday. Being able to interact with another human being is awesome and it's Erik so it's even more special.

By 10pm I'm tired but I will jump online and finish up a blog or continue editing a podcast until around 11pm

I'm normally in bed by 11pm and I watch an episode of the Simpsons on my ipad before falling asleep around 11:30pm

That's a typical day in the life of Kenny. Of course things may vary. I might not feel motivated all day and just be lazy and watch TV. Or I can be very motivated and productive and do five blog posts and edited a podcast in a day.

So that's what I do 28 days of the month, 336 days a year.

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  1. I envy your day in many ways, freedom from the corporate nightmare and no pressure to meet fantasy deadlines.