Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beard, Matt, Mockingjay & B5

Well I took the plunge and finally shaved down my beard. I was trying to keep it until SDCC at the end of July but the beard got the better of me. I debated on going clean shaven (which I only tend to do during SDCC because I cosplay as a Hobbit) but I think I look better with a hint of a beard so I kept some. I had that beard for almost two months.. it's the longest I have ever grown it. I kind of liked it so it may make a re-appearance at some point.. but for now I'll stick with the shorter version.

I got to chat with my buddy Matt via Skype again. I always look forward to chatting with him. I met Matt through the Guild a few years ago and actually got to meet him in person in April when I was visiting England. He and I just hit off. We only hung out for a few days but from the moment I met him I had this feeling of protection, he felt like a little brother to me and I look forward to each and every Facebook messenger chat and Skype call.

The next Hunger Games movie Mockingjay Pt. 1 has started it's promotional bombardment, they release propaganda posters for each district and this very cool President Snow PSA.

Tonight was TV night with my buddy Robert. We're starting the final Season, Season Five of Babylon 5. We watched the first three episodes before calling it an night.

First up was S5 Ep1 "No Compromises" Captain Lochley arrives just as preparations are underway for Sheridan's swearing in ceremony as the President of the newly formed Interstellar Alliance. Telepaths arrive seeking a sanctuary while they search for a home world.

I'm not sure how I feel about the new commander of B5, I miss Ivanova. The jury is still on on the telepaths. I like Sheridan's thinking, having them on their side but will have to wait and see what happens. I know from a previous episode that there is a coming Telepath war. I really liked G'Kar in this episodes.. I mean he's fantastic in all of them but this one was particular fun.

Then we watched S5 Ep2 "The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari" During a heart attack, Londo experiences an epiphany and apologizes to G'Kar. Lennier leaves Delenn and Babylon 5.

Londo's redemption episode. I don't know if his character is redeemable as he has done so many bad things the past few years. But I'm glad to see him finally taking responsibly for his actions. I like that he finally said he was sorry to G'Kar.

I hate to see Lennier go but I understand why he had to do it. Delenn obviously loves him, just not in the same way that she loves Sheridan. He's a favorite of mine so I hope he comes back to visit from time to time.

And the final episode of the night S5 Ep3 "The Paragon of Animals" Military crises threaten the ongoing formation of the InterStellar Alliance, but Sheridan asserts its power. A small world plagued by raiders begs the alliance for help. Garibaldi tries forming an intelligence unit of telepaths.

Now I'm really not sure about those telepaths on B5. They pretty much hate all "mundans" non-telepathic people. I was happy to see Lyta back but sad to see the path she might be going down. I was surprised that the raiders wound up being a key member of the Alien Alliance. And once again G'Kar was fantastic with his enthusiasm towards the morality document. And I'm happy to see the Londo and G'Kar have their love/hate relationship back.

Overall a great start to season five, as I mentioned I think the big story this season will be the Telepath War but I don't know when it will start... so I'm just enjoying each episode as the come. 

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