Saturday, June 28, 2014

Once Upon A Time Season 3

So I finished watching Once Upon A Time season three 2 hour finale. Here are my thoughts on the second half of season three. I wasn't sure what they were going to do with this second half as the end of the first half really felt like the perfect end to the series. I was surprised that we picked up one year later and everyone is back in Storybrooke with no memory and Emma and Henry were happily living their lives in New York. Then everything changes with the arrival of Hook. At first it felt like a redo. I mean we spent two and a half seasons trying to break this curse, which they do. Only to be cursed again and start all over. But as the series continued it gave us bits and piece of information and finally towards the end we find out that it was Snow White and Charming who actually re-enacted the curse to get back to Emma and unfortunately the Wicked Witch found out and added the memory lose as part of the curse.

I also liked the way that they brought back Rumple. I mean I knew he wasn't going to be dead forever but I didn't expect Neal to die for him. That was a heartbreaking scene and brought me to tears. I enjoyed all the back stories of the characters and the missing year stories. I really thought this season really connected the dots well.. reminded me more of season one, which I loved.

They finally break the curse again and this time it's Regina who breaks its with her love for Henry. I have to say I really like what they have done with Regina, she's trying so hard to not be evil and finally succeeding... well that was until the season finale... boo!!

With two hours left of the season I thought when Emma and Hook went back time that, that was going to be the set up for the next season but I'm happy to say that it wasn't. They finished the entire story within those two episodes. And of course Emma saves a woman who Regina was going to kill and since she was suppose to die in the past they figure if they bring her to the future all will be well. Yeah it didn't quite work out that way and poor Regina is the one what get's burned as the woman they brought back was Maid Marion, Robin Hoods wife and Robin Hood and Regina were finally becoming a couple (as it was predicted that they were each other's true love). Well now that's over and Regina is pissed!!

The final scene of the season was a bottle opening up and blue liquid pouring out and forming into a women that we all know as she was part of one of the biggest movies last year, Frozen. We then see Else walking away from the camera and that's the end. The Ice Queen is in Storybrooke and Evil Regina looks to be coming back.

Over all I really enjoyed Season three. It was broken into two part, the Peter Pan quest in part one and the Wicked Witch in part two. Both were enjoyable but I think I enjoyed the Wicked Witch storyline batter then Pan.. other then the end.. the ending of Pan was amazing.

Can't wait for Season Four!!!

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