Friday, July 18, 2014

10 Years of SDCC & Chicken Pot Pie

Today I realized that this will be my 10th year in a row going to San Diego Comic Con. I started back in 2004 and have gone every year since. I've seen some major changes at con, starting with the price. I remember when it was only $75 for a four day pass now that will cost you $200. I also remember when the crowds swelled to over 40,000 and now they reach 130,000.

When I first attended I would do panels, autographs and such. Now I hang with friends and cosplay. Lines are just to crazy to see panels or get autographs. But I have to say that the past four years of just hanging with friends and cosplaying have been some of my favorite years at SDCC.

I tell myself at the end of every con that this will be my last, that I need a break but as tickets go on sale for next years I'm first online and acquiring mine :)

Today my favorite Irishman Thomas is in town, he's come to LA a few days early for Comic Con. Lydia and I picked him up from his hotel and headed out to dinner. Lydia has wanted to try a Chicken Pot Pie (she's never had one), and I couldn't think of a better place to get one then Marie Callender's. Come to find out that Thomas had never had one either so they both were going to experience pot pies together.

A funny thing happened while the waitress was bringing us our drinks, the bottom of the glass holding my diet soda broke off and soda fell to the table and splashed everyone. Thomas would have been drenched but he moved so fast and managed to avoid the majority of the soda. And luckily he did as the airline lost his luggage and he only had what he was wearing.

Anyways we all got Chicken Pot Pies and enjoyed them. Afterwards the waitress came over and said because the soda incident that they wanted to give each of us a piece of pie for free. So Thomas enjoyed a coconut cream, Lydia got lemon meringue and I got strawberry, and all three were extremely tasty.

Afterwards we dropped off Thomas as he was exhausted from his travels and Lydia and I headed back home.

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