Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Podcast, Tattoos, Arrow & Fun Videos

Released a new episode of my MASH 4077 podcast today. It's Ep. 83, covering S4 Ep13 "Dear Peggy" Download from itunes tinyurl.com/MASH4077itunes , listen on Stitcher Radio ow.ly/iZJIz or Listen, get direct download from our main website MASH4077Podcast.com

I came across these amazing Simpsons tattoo sleeves that someone got done and it reignited the itch for a new tattoo that's I've had for a while now. I have gotten one with every birthday starting with my 40th. So at 40 I got my Harry Potter tattoo, at 41 I got my Star Wars/R2D2 tattoo and at 42 I got my Lord of the Rings tattoo.

Now I had planned for a Star Trek tattoo for my 43rd (which passed last September) and I had my friend Matthew design this really awesome image and I was going to go with that but then my friend Greg Aronowitz mentioned that he wanted to take a crack at designing something for me so I figured I'd give it a go. Well Greg has been super busy and though he has said he started on something I really don't think I'm going to see anything in the near future. So I'm going to go with my buddy Matt's design which, as I mentioned, is awesome. I hope to get it just after comic con and then I'll plan for another one for my 44th birthday this September.

Today I spent quite a few hours watching more of Season One of Arrow. I knew if I was going to start that I couldn't just do one or two episodes. I actually watched episodes seven to eleven. I'm almost halfway though season one. I could of course have watched more but I did want to get some things done today.

I'm still loving this series, with every episode it gets better and better. I'm told that season two is really good, so I'm looking forward to watching that season as well. I'm really hoping to watch season one and two before season three starts this fall. I'd love to be up to date with this series so I can discuss it with friends when new episodes air.

There are two videos I want to share with you guys.. first one is R2D2 and other astro-droids dancing to Michael Jackson music.. two of my favorite things.. couldn't get any better.


And here's a trailer for Disney's new movie called Big Hero 6. Just from this preview it looks to be another hit!!

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