Sunday, July 13, 2014

Geeks Inherit the Box Office in 2013

I wanted to see how many movies out of the top 25 last year were actually "geek" related. Being a geek has been making it's way into mainstream for many years now, one place where it's most evident would be at the movies. Out of the Top 25 movies in 2013, 19 of them were Science Fiction, Fantasy, Animated and/or Horror (all geek topics). Why do you think that is? What's the appeal. I mean I know why I love those movies but it got me thinking about the general public. Do those movies have the same effect/meaning for non-geeks as they do with life long geeks? Do all humans have a bit a geek in them and now that it's "okay" to be a geek they are letting their geek flag fly? Will it last or is it just a phase? What are your thoughts?? Leave me a comment below or on Twitter/Facebook

Box Office Mojo is the top site for getting information about box office sales for movies, both here and abroad. You can check out their website HERE. I captured a picture from their site and placed red dots next to the movies I felt were geek related...

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