Saturday, July 19, 2014

Random Saturday Morning Question

So I Tweeted / Facebooked a Random Saturday Morning Question; What's your biggest pet peeve?

Here are the response I got on Facebook. 
  • Ken Todd -  People who don't/can't park between the lines. Maybe not my biggest pet peeve but it's the only one that comes to mind.
  •  Nathan Tamayo - Talking at the theater.
  •  Ann Smith - Someone kicking my seat on a plane or at the movies!
  • Jennifer Luchsinger - People who eat or chew too loudly.
  • Lorelai K. Perrin - Some one who sits in my booth for over 2 hours, is extremely nice, and doesn't leave a tip. *grumble grumble*
  • Scott Hough - Stupidity or ignorance of simple things. For a work example (billing for a phone company), how hard is it to understand that you still owe money even if you never receive your bill or your bill goes to the wrong address. Or that your services will be shut off if you don't pay. Also, it just annoys me when people aren't intelligent enough to understand simple things such as hot things will burn you.. I've seriously met people recently that don't understand simple things like that. I can understand if someone has a disability, but come on. Sorry, I'll get off my rantybox... I'm just saddened at how dumb this country is getting. No wonder we're made fun of by other countries.
  • Erlend Aakre - misuse of the words literally and ironic 
Here are some response from Twitter.

mashfan0678 @Geekyfanboy People who change stations/or songs during the middle of song!

mrfatelurk @Geekyfanboy random questions

tamarcurry @Geekyfanboy people being dismissive of someone’s feelings.

Gerard2327 @Geekyfanboy Improper grammar when writing. If I'm meeting someone, then my pet peeve would be the limp lettuce handshake.

For me my biggest pet peeve is being referred to as a "girl" (ie You go girl) or "girlfriend". Yes I am gay but that doesn't make me woman. I never understood why gay men use that slang in the first place. Also people scrapping their teeth against their fork/spoon as they pull it out of their mouth... ughh makes me cringe. 

Tell me what yours is below in the comment section.

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