Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hanging With the Irishman

Today my buddy Thomas (who's visiting from Ireland) and I hung out all day.

First thing we did was head out to Best Buy to get him his new SIM card for his phone so it could be used here in the US. After Best Buy we headed out to pick him up some clothes. His luggage was delayed and has yet to arrived at his hotel so the airline offered to buy him some clothes in the meantime. So we went to the Burbank mall as one of Thomas' favorite places is American Eagle.

We walked around the entire mall for a few hours checking out different stores and trying to find him some nice clothes. I was like his personal shopper/mother. He'd go into a dressing room and try on something and then come out and show me and I'd critique it. If he needed different size or color I'd run back and grab it for him. I told him that every straight guy needs a gay buddy to go shopping with. I had a blast.

Around 2pm we walked over to Taco Bell as he had never had it before and wanted to give it a go. He got the seven layer burrito and a double decker taco... I think he enjoyed it.

Afterwards we headed back to the mall and American Eagle and made our finale decision and picked up some clothes. He wound up getting a few shirts and these really cool red "skinny" jeans. The jeans caught both our eyes at the same time but I think I might have influenced him a bit to get them. They look great on him.

He had a few bucks left so we headed to Target to get a geeky shirt and socks. Here again I may have influenced him a bit. He had this Captain America shirt (which I loved) but he normally wears a large but I suggested he wear a medium and when he put it on it was pretty tight and you could see his had a rockin' body, so he got the medium.

Thomas is very modest and both these red jeans and skin tight shirts are not his norm. But he looks amazing in them and these aren't you're everyday walk around town clothes.. these are your night clothes while walking around SDCC.

We then headed back to my place and met up with Lydia. The three of us walked to The Habit to grab a burger for dinner before heading over to the North Hollywood Park where they were showing another "movie in the park" this time it was Back to the Future. We got there about a minute after the movie had started and sat in the back. It wasn't the best spot as we had people in chairs in front of us but we did mange to see the screen with only a few obstructions. Next time I know to get there an hour early to get a closer spot. But it was a fun evening.

Had a great day hanging with my favorite Irishman.. get to hang with him again tomorrow for D&D.. woohoo!!

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