Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cool Posters, Fox Fumbles & Dinner

So I woke up around noon and I was sore. I guess being a zombie and attacking people is rough on this old body. But it was still an amazing experience.

I came across these on Facebook and had to share with you guys. Of course if I had the money and the wall space I'd pick up a bunch of these. These are metal posters and they don't really cost that much, $44 if you consider it being a piece of art. They have a Superman one that I think I'll get anyways as I just love it. Check out their website HERE and see all the other amazing superhero metal posters that are available.

In other "this doesn't surprise me" news.. Fox cancels ancient Egyptian fantasy show Hieroglyph before it airs. They ordered 13 episodes and finished the first with several others in the early pre-production stage. Fox didn't give any reason as to why it was cancelled. What's strange is that Fox has really been promoting this one and then suddenly stopped. Maybe because it's set in ancient Egypt I can see it costing alot of money to produce, and if they didn't like the first episode and figured they'd cancel it before putting more money into it.

More and more networks are approving series without a pilot, as they did with this one. If they would have done a pilot first to see if the concept worked then they would have known that it didn't and never approved it for a series in the first place.

I'm disappointed that it was cancelled as it was a series that I was interested in watching this fall. But when it comes to Fox they don't have the best track record in supporting Fantasy and SciFi series. (Alien Nation, Firefly, John Doe and so on).

During the evening I had dinner with my friends John and Moises. Moises made chicken, mash potatoes and corn. It was all very tasty. While we ate we watched 9 to 5. That's one of my all time favorite comedies.  It was a good evening.

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