Thursday, July 3, 2014

Superman, Sherlock and Katies B-day

Picked up my best bud Chris from the Burbank airport this morning, he's here for LOJ this weekend.. we came home and hung out for a bit. Lydia arrived from Switzerland around mid day and I showed her my place. She'll be my "roommate" for the next 34 days.

Several geeky things I wanted to share with you guys.. first of all they released an image of Superman's new outfit for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. I have to say I really like this new look. It's similar to the Man of Steel costume. So if you didn't like that one you're probably not going to like this one. I'm really looking forward to the next Superman movie. I loved the new Man of Steel movie.. all the haters can hate.

My friend Bonnie posted this article that she had written on CNET about some upcoming Sherlock and Watson 1:6th scale dolls. They look pretty spot on and if they weren't $285 each I would consider getting them. Please be sure to read more about them in Bonnie's article HERE. If you are interested in pre-ordering them you can do that HERE. Maybe one day they'll make less expensive figures for poor people.

During the evening, while Lydia crashed from jet lag, Chris and I hooked up with Dallas and Jes and took the redline to Hollywood & Vine to attend our friend Katie's Birthday party. She was celebrating at the Parlor Room where our friend Rileah bartens. Since we took the redline none of us had to drive and my buddy Chris said he would buy me drinks (since I'm jobless and poor) so I took advantage of his generosity. It was a fun evening, I got to see friends that I see every once in a while like, Kim, Adam, Jared, Ari, Derrick and a few others. I made a few new friends and had a great time celebrating Katie's 30th with her. 

By the end of the night I was drunk having had three shots (1 Jameson, 2 Fireball) and three Vodkas and Cranberries. And since it was Rileah making them for us she was very generous with the alcohol.

We left the party around 11pm (last train runs at midnight) and stopped for some fried chicken and fries, which was much needed after all the alcohol. We then jumped on the 11:41 train and made our way back to North Hollywood. I got home around midnight and called it a night. 

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