Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Zombie Life Pt.2

So around 2 am all the Zombies are done and we are ready to film. My make up still looks great and I'm ready to do this. Greg went around to each of the "primary" zombies and gave them directions on where to stand and where to go. I was the fourth zombie to attack Marissa's character and the one that was going to finally take her down so I started off camera and staggered my way over to the other three who were already attacking her. We did this three times before they decided to move me to be one of the three who initially attacks her.

So now I'm crouched down on my knees near a headstone with my fellow zombie Donna and we pop up from below the camera and attack while another stops her from backing away and the fourth (which use to be me, comes up and attacks as well). We did this over and over for another 12 takes for a total of 15 takes.

Since this is a 360 film there are no cuts, no close ups and everything needs to happen in order and with perfect timing. If one person misses their mark or screws up the entire take is wasted. Afterwards I heard the producers say that they got three really good takes and they will use one so those for the final film.

It was now around 4am and we were wrapped. A group of us stayed round to shot a promo for the film, It was basically all the zombies surrounding the 360 cameras and reaching out toward the middle. After the promo Greg wanted to get a picture ala Thriller so he put on his Michael Jackson jacket and had all the zombies surround him.. the final product turned out great.

Once we were done with that, all the zombies headed to make up and wardrobe. The make up line was huge and lead make up guy wasn't the friendliest as he told us all to get out and that they would get to us when they got to us. While standing outside I started to pull on my prosthetic and slowly but surely and with a few painful moments I managed to peel it off my face.

I hung around for another half hour and chatted with some folks before calling it a day and heading home. Luckily for me I only live about 10 minutes from the Barnyard so I was home and in the shower in no time. The make up took some hard scrubbing to get off. My face felt a bit raw afterwards.

I was in bed by 5:30am, hoping to get a few hours sleep before I started my day. Luckily I didn't have any plans until later in the evening.

Overall it was a FANTASTIC shoot. It was fun being turned into a Zombie. And if I had to do it all over again I would. Thanks Greg and company for letting be part of this very fun experience.

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