Sunday, July 6, 2014

Podcasts and Pathfinder

It was a productive day, I managed to finish editing my next Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast, which will be released on July 10th. I also got a majority of my next MASH 4077 Podcast compete. That one will be released on July 15th. I only have one more pass to sweeten the audio before that one is done. Still working on officially ending my Knights of the Guild podcast, reconfiguring my Confessions of a Fanboy podcast and starting up my all geek podcast The Geek Roundtable.

During the evening it was D&D time. We finished out last session surrounded by a bunch of evil people and Dash (my character) was about to do something foolish.

~ Faced with the prospect of seeing some of his Halfling brethren forced to beat each other to death before his very eyes, Dash commanded them to stop and all eyes turned towards the party. It wasn’t long before people started to recognize them as the Fellowship of the Foaming Mug and the battle begun.

And what a battle it was! Necromancers! Witches! Inquistors! Ice Wizards! Toddlers! The bulk of the party got webbed into place in pretty short order, severely hindering their movements but they managed to hold their own with superior defensive maneuvers. While Dash jumped down to help his Halfing brothers tear down the wall keeping them trapped in the makeshift pit. Arethal and Nár saw the worst of things up top but persistence paid off and the party was victorious even though it seemed that Lord Armin escaped.

The Halflings begged the party to catch Lord Armin before he was able to report to Niliius the Necromancer as they felt their family and friends would be in danger from the dire Necromancer. The party took off with the Halfling Percy in tow and after a semi-thrilling chase that involved killing some bugbear porters, Tailyn and Ginneon managed to find him dead at the docks.

A bent old man with a gray beard that they presumed to be Nilius stepped out of the fog. He told the party that the point was well taken and that he would reconsider their employer’s offer. Not entirely sure what he was talking about, Tailyn thought it was a good idea to shoot him in the face with her bow. He calmly wiped away the blood, noted that “Adventurers always have to take the harder road,” and raised his hand to cast a spell. The dead bugbears began to stumble to their feet. ~

Another fun and exciting D&D/Pathfinder session. I can't wait to see what's next for our gang of adventurers. Thanks Dallas for being an awesome game master and putting this all together for us.

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