Saturday, July 12, 2014

SDCC, MASH, Soldiers & a Housewarming

San Diego Comic Con Saturday programing has been released. Like with Friday there are a ton of things I'd like to see but only one that is a "must" see and that's the Warner Bros Panel Saturday morning at 10am. There going to be presenting The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Not sure if any of the cast members will be there but I'm sure they'll have a few surprises up their sleeves. It's in Hall H which is the largest of the rooms (holds over 7000 people) but this is also the room where people camp out overnight in line to get in. I'm going to do my best to get there early but I won't camp out overnight there. So will see if I make it in or not.

Spent about three hours today watching six episodes of MASH. I am recording podcasts tomorrow and I always like to watch the episodes I'm about to record so I can refresh my memory. Most episodes I can remember from the description but it's always nice to watch them as well.

I made the mistake of watching the reunion between a dog and soldier on you tube and 3 hours later I was still watching soldiers reunions.. not only with their dogs but with family and friends. I was a blubbering ball of tears afterwards. I should have know better as I'm a sucker for a heartwarming video.

During the evening I went over to my buddy Robert's place for his house warming party. He and his girlfriend Cait move in a few blocks away from me here in Noho. I brought over about 15 beers that I have had in my fridge. It was hot and I walked over with them. Felt I was carry a ton of bricks.

Once there we played some Mario Cart 8, snacked on some chicken, played a game of Ticket to Ride and a few hours of Cards Against Humanity.

It was a fun evening with friends. I stumbled home just after midnight. I love living within walking distance.

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