Friday, September 26, 2014

Jupiter Ascending Trailer & Random Geek Question

Here's an extended trailer from the new Wachowski movie called Jupiter Ascending. This was suppose to come out this past summer as one of the big blockbuster movie but for whatever reason the studio has pushed it's release to the movie graveyard (January to February) in 2015. I've enjoyed the previous trailer and wanted to see this movie but after this one I can't wait to see it and I can't understand why the pushed back the release date.

I asked a Random Geek Question on Facebook and Twitter today. I got a few people who responded. Here's the question... What is your favorite Animated (CG/Hand drawn) Movie and/or TV series?

From Facebook:

Ryanne Harding - I adore all the old school Christmas specials in claymation, but my all time favorite was The Little Drummer Boy.

Alynne Schripsema - That's such a tough call! Show that's on the air now: Legend of Korra. But of all time? There's a list I'd have to go through and analyze and recheck. 

Ken Todd -Always loved Disney's TaleSpin. Not brilliant animation by any stretch but I have very fond memories of it. Same for the original 60s Jonny Quest.
Ben Terrill -Have to agree with Ryanne about all the claymation Christmas specials, and will toss in the Charlie Browns as well. But then there is G-Force/Battle of the Planets. There is still so many more to list though.

Andrew Avalos - Movie: Akira. TV show: Robotech.

Moose Rivera - Tom & jerry of course

Bryan Hyland - how to train your dragon 1 and 2 are my favorite

Ripley Adams - ReBoot, Tron: Uprising, RWBY

And there were a few responses from Twitter:

@Josh_TolkienFan - movie: Fox & The Hound, show: Batman the animated series
@yensid98 - Movie: Pinocchio Show: Batman The Animated Series
@in2toonz - Movie: Sleeping Beauty - 1959 / Series: Batman: The Animated Series
@Aradinsc - Scooby Doo, 90's X-Men, Neon Genesis Evangelion
@PodcasticJoe - Heavy Metal for movies, and Undergrads for series 
@tamarcurry - Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra for series, probably Princess Mononoke for movie.

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