Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My 44th Birthday

Well it's my 44th birthday.. and to conclude my "pic a day" until my 44th Birthday here I am today at age 44. I've enjoyed going back and posting pictures from birth to age 44. I think I have changed quite a bit over the years. I've always had self esteem issues with my looks and it's funny now that I look back to when I was younger I wish I would have realized how cute I actually was but I guess you don't realized what you had until you no longer have it.

I started my day by going to Denny's and getting my free "birthday" grand slam. I knew that Denny's gave free breakfasts for your birthday but never took advantage of it... until today. It was a nice way to start my day.

I pretty much had a relaxing birthday. As I mentioned it's my 44th and I really didn't plan anything as I'm saving up for my 45th. I did get a handful of birthday wish phone calls, which is always nice. I got several text messages and of course a few hundred Facebook/Twitter birthday wishes, which is always great.

I watched the new CBS series Scorpion and I loved it so much that I immediately watched it again two more times back to back. I'm going to post a separate review blog for it. 

My buddy Dallas texted me and asked if I had any dinner plans, I informed him that I did not so he asked if I wanted to have a birthday dinner with him. I said sure and he said he will ask around our group of friends and see if anyone else wanted to join us.

So in the evening I headed to the Chinese restaurant not knowing if it was going to be just Dallas and I or if others would be joining us. When I got there my buddy Doug was already there, then Cait joined us and finally Dallas and Robert. We went in and sat down and ordered some food. My friend Jen joined us shortly after and the six of us hung out, ate some tasty Chinese food and celebrated my birthday. I think my favorite moment was when our waiter, who was Chinese brought me a glass with a few scoops of Green Tea ice cream and a match sticking out the top (they had no candles). He alone sang Happy Birthday to me in his broken English.. it was pretty awesome.

This was a nice semi-relaxing 44th birthday for me... but next year for my 45th Birthday I'm planning a huge celebration... it's going to be amazing.

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