Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lots of TV Viewing

Happy National Podcast Day

Here is why it was created “National Podcast Day is dedicated to promoting podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement.”

There is National IPA Day, National Waffle Fries Day, National Pancake Day, and National pretty-much-anything-you-want Day. In the summer of 2013, Steve Lee (founder of NetCast Studio) heard a radio announcement for National Senior Citizens’ Day. Thinking that was pretty cool, it begged the question of why wasn’t there a day of celebration for podcasting. That’s when Steve said to himself “Let’s create National Podcast Day!” So the adventure began and a collective team of podcasters put their heads together to establish methods for podcasters and podcast listeners to raise awareness for this great entertainment and education medium. Let’s Start The Conversation! Got this info from HERE.

Lots of TV today... Scorpion, Downton Abbey, Outlander, Once Upon A Time & Agents of SHIELD.

Started with Scorpion S1 Ep2 "Single Point of Failure" The Scorpion team races to find who used a genetically targeted virus on four children, one of whom is the daughter of the governor. This case strikes close to home for Walter and Agent Gallo.

I'm continuing to enjoy this series, it continues to be fast paced and intense. Still enjoying all the characters and love that we are delving into their backgrounds. I like that each episode has a bit of heart to it. There is always this moment of sweetness, for this episode it was the entire last scene... so good. Still on my "must watch" list. I can't wait for episode three.

Next was Downton Abbey S5 Ep2 - Plans for the war memorial do not go as smoothly as hoped. Rose tries to get a wireless at Downton, while Mary goes to Liverpool for her weekend with Lord Gillingham. Edith wants to get more involved in baby Marigold's life and Baxter still refuses to reveal her whole story. Art historian Simon Bricker is a houseguest who seems to be interested in more than just the paintings at the Abbey.

Season five continues to move along. Nothing mind blowing...yet, but it just continues to be some amazing well written and well acted drama. I'm just loving it. We finally find out about Baxter but we don't know the entire truth. Edith has found a way to see her "daughter" more. And I'm worried about what Lady Mary is about to do, I hope it doesn't backfire in face.

Outlander S1 Ep8 "Both Sides Now" In 1945, Frank is losing hope that he will find Claire, just as she is delighting in her new marriage to Jamie in the past. Frank is finally ready to accept that Claire is lost to him, but finds himself at the standing stones one last time. Claire remembers her mission to return to the stones moments before she sees Craigh na Dun in the distance, and runs for them. She hears Frank calling for her, and for a moment he hears her as well. But Claire is captured by Black Jack Randall's men before she can touch any of the stones, and a despondent Frank leaves. Claire nearly talks her way out of being interrogated by Randall, but he turns the tables on her. Just as he is about to rape her at knifepoint, Jamie appears in the window.

Another enjoyable episode, some of the newness has worn off a bit for me. The story is moving very slowly and at the beginning it really didn't bother me but this past episode I started to feel it. And then of course we have the ending and Claire almost getting rapped and then Jamie to her rescue as the screen goes black. And for people like me I know that this is the mid season finale and the remaining eight episodes of season one won't start airing until April 2015. Yes that's seven months... that's just crazy.

The new season of Once Upon A Time started, S4 Ep1 "A Tale of Two Sisters" Regina questions being "good" and turns to her imprisoned mirror mirror genie for help. Elsa comes to Storybrooke looking for her sister Anna. Belle and Rumple go on their honeymoom.

This is one series that I have been looking forward to seeing. Not because of the the whole "Frozen" storyline but because I really enjoy these characters and world. I enjoyed this episode but sad to see that Regina is slipping back into her evil ways. But then again I can't blame her as she just can't catch a break when it comes to love. I like the idea that she is going to try and go back in time and make the writer of the Fairytale book re-write that villains get happy endings, I have a feeling that will be the storyline for the second half of this season.

I liked the introduction of Elsa and Anna, enjoyed seeing Kristoff, Sven and Grandpappi. Some folks are complaining that ABC is just taking advantage of the success of Frozen and I agree. I think it's a smart move by the writers. I enjoy seeing the continuation of the Frozen story.

And the final show of the night I watched with my buddy Erik (via Skype) was Agents of SHIELD S2 Ep2 "Heavy Is the Head" Hunter gets captured by General Talbot. May goes after Creel and the
This episode picks up right were episode one left off. Lots of action as the team tries to stop Creel. I wasn't sure what Hunter was going to do. I mean I know he's part of the "regular" class so I assumed that he wouldn't take Talbot's deal and turn on the agents but when he shot May, Skye and Trip I wasn't sure what was going on. Still not sure he's a "good" guy but Coulson needs all able bodies to rebuild SHIELD. It was good to see Fitz helping the team again (though it was a struggle).
I'm continuing to enjoy Agent's of SHIELD,  I just wish more people were watching. Don't know if SHIELD will last this season... here's hoping!!

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