Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MASH Podcast, Red Band Society & Ello

Today I released episode 88 of my MASH 4077 podcast. This is currently my most popular podcast getting over 60,000 downloads/listeners a month and its continuing to grow. If you're a MASH fan then take a listen & let me know what you think. Download and/or listen on itunes , listen on Stitcher Radio or Listen, get direct download from our main website

I watched Red Band Society S1 Episode 3 "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" Jory's mother returns from the "dead" and comes back into his life. Leo tries to reignite his feelings for Emma only to be put int he "friends zone". Nurse Jackson loses her patience with Kara and Dash tries to get everyone to hate Jory because he lied about his mother.

I'm still loving this series. I think something is up with Jory's mother, I don't trust her. I hope Leo and Jory can still be friends when Emma chooses Jory over Leo (which she is bound to do). Kara is a bitch and I hope her heart explodes and she dies (yeah that's harsh but she really is a horrible person). 

This series is still doing poorly in the rating, Fox ordered 13 episodes and will be lucky if they finish all 13 and air them. That's the best I can hope for when it comes to Fox ::cough:: Firefly ::cough::.

Thanks to my buddy Jared I was invited to join the beta version of a new social media called Ello. I really don't care to join another social media but I wanted to join to make sure I got my "handle" Geekyfanboy (which I did). Will see if it takes off and if it does then I'm ready to go.

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