Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Podcasts, Vacation Pixs & Outlander Ep5

I finally finished working on this month's Alien Nation podcast. It took a while to complete but I'm happy to say that it's done, uploaded and ready to be released tomorrow. Now to work on my next MASH podcast.. it seems it's never ending.

It's Day 30 of my "pix a day" until my 44th Birthday so here I am at age 30.

If we are friends on Facebook be sure to check out the vacation pictures that I posted, I uploaded a few albums. I took over 3000 photos and it's taking me a while to go through, group and pick the best photos to post. I'm also still working on my vacation blogs. If you would like to read them just search for Dream Vacation or look back in my archives for dates starting 3/15/14 to 4/17/14. I still have a few more days before I'm completely done but it's fun going back and reliving those days as they have been some of the best I've had in the past few years.

I watched the fifth episode of Outlander titled, "Rent". Claire clashes with Dougal and his men on the rent-collecting journey, especially when Dougal uses Jamie's scars to get more money from the villagers. Later she realizes that they are collecting funds for the Jacobite army. Knowing from history that their cause is destined to fail and many Highlanders will die, she tries to warn them off.

Another fantastic episode, this series is slow, sometimes glacier but it's a good slow, it's hard to explain. The story is continuing to move forward but it's more character building then action. 45 minutes just flies by and before you know it the episode is over. This weeks episode left us with a big cliffhanger, who will Claire choose.. the Highland men who are keeping her "hostage" or the British Army, but we don't know what they will do with her as she was almost raped by one in episode one when she first arrived in the past. I mean I know this series is about her with the Highland men so she's obviously going to stick with them, but even knowing that it was still a OMG ending. I can't wait for episode six. 

The setting/landscapes and music still continue to impress me. Maybe that's why I'm not bothered by the slow moving story. It brings back wonderful memories of my trip to Ireland and the UK (including Scotland).

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