Friday, September 12, 2014

The Quest - Series Review

The Quest just ended it's run on ABC and I loved every minute of it. If you don't know what The Quest is here is a brief synopsis; Twelve people compete in a reality competition that takes place against the backdrop of a high fantasy setting, the kingdom of Everealm. While the ongoing storyline is scripted and the contestants are interacting with actors throughout the competition, the actual challenges and eliminations are genuine and determined by the contestants' abilities and decisions.
In each episode, the contestants (called "Paladins") compete in a challenge related to events in the storyline. The winning Paladin receives a "mark" of a virtue corresponding to the challenge; it is a medal that the Paladin wears. A predetermined number of losing Paladins are subjected to a subsequent challenge (the "Fates' Challenge"), and the winner of that challenge remains safe from elimination ("banishment"). The remaining Paladins, including the winner of the Fates' Challenge, decide which of the losing Paladins should be banished; the Paladins deliberate as a group and then each publicly stands behind the Paladin he or she wishes to save from banishment. The Paladin with the least support is banished.

What impressed me most about this "reality" show is the story. I loved how they would weave the "scripted" story around the competition "reality" part of the show. Each competition would progress the story and move it forward. Besides the amazing story my other favorite part of the show was the setting, props, location. Everything combined made it feel as though these 12 contestants were living out a fantasy is some other realm.

I really enjoyed the Three Fates at the end of each episode, not only did they look amazing but acted as Fates would. I liked how it was determined who would be banished, that even if you were in the bottom three you still had one chance to save yourself before putting your "fate" into the hands of your fellow contestants.

Each competition was fun and entertaining, as well as somewhat challenging. Each challenge fit into this world.

Like with most reality shows you have your favorites, and one of my favorite was actually a friend whom I met yearly this year at a mutual friends birthday party. Her name is Bonnie and she truly was the heart of the group. Unfortunately she only made it to fifth place and then my second favorite, Patrick, made it to fourth.

The final three I really didn't like anyone of them but I especially disliked one of them, Andrew. Shondo and Lina were both good people and I would have been happy for either to win but in the end it was Lina who won to become the one true hero. And with the help all her fellow Paladins (the return of the Banished Paladins was one of my favorite scenes) she defeated the evil Verlox and saved Everealm.

Unfortunately this didn't do to well in the ratings so it's more then likely not going to be picked up for a second season but if you get a chance to watch this season I highly recommend it. I plan to do a re-watch of the entire series (only 8 episodes) in the near future.

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