Sunday, September 7, 2014

Arrow S2 Back to Back to Back

Today is Day 28 of my "pix a day" until my 44th birthday. Here is a picture of me at Age 28. This is an important age for me as it's the year I came out of the closet. I was actually 27 still when I came out to a few friends, but only for a few weeks before turning 28. This was the year that changed the course of my life.

I came across this amazing looking Doctor Who poster that I just had to share. I don't think it's a "real" poster but someone created these pictures individually and then someone else put them all together. I wish it was real as this is one poster that I would love to have.

I was up at 7am and figured I'd watch an episode of Arrow season two while I ate breakfast. I still had to watch the entire 23 episodes before season three started in October. Well one episode lead to another and the next thing I knew I was on episode 8, then 13 and by then I was in it for the long haul. I was determined to watch all 23 episodes of season two of Arrow.

I started at 7am and with only a few breaks I was finished by 1am. I succeeded in watching all 23 episodes of season two, back to back to back.

The tough part about season two of Arrow was that each episode ended with an OMG moment. Part of me is happy that I didn't watch this when they first aired or I would have had to wait with everyone else for the next episode to find out what happen. Instead I just watched the next episode immediately.

As for my thoughts on season two of Arrow. Action, suspense, shock, revelations, surprises and so much more made up this season. I was kind of spoiled about Carny so I knew she was the missing sister, I could have done without so much of the island flashbacks. I mean I understand why they did it especially since the main big bad is Queen's "brother" from the island. I was shocked at some of the deaths, Queen having to choose between the two woman that he care about on the island (Shadow and Sara) and then again later in the season with his mom and sister.

I liked the addition of Roy and I was hoping he'd be about to control is powers but it wasn't meant to be. Some characters that I disliked in season one, I wound up really enjoying in season two and vice versa. Mrs. Queen is one of them. She is such a grey character, I didn't like her in the beginning, then I did, then I didn't and so forth until her shocking death. Quentin is another one, I really disliked his character in season one but really enjoyed him in season two. Let's hope he survives for season three.

One character that I have disliked from the beginning has been Thea, though she was getting better in season two towards the end she totally lost me and I really don't care what happens to her next.

One of my favorites has always been Felicity. And after season two I love her even more. Though Oliver said he was pretending to call her his one true love I think he really does have feelings for her as we all know she has feelings for him.  Maybe will see something in season three.

I liked the addition of Sara as Carny and it was great getting a sneak peek at Barry Allen (future Flash). And it's always great to see Summer Glau.

I'm really looking forward to season three and luckily for me it starts in just under a month.

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