Monday, November 3, 2014

Beanies, Minions & Fairytales

Starting my third week of six at this new job. It's starting to get a bit crazy as post tends to do. There are things that happen that remind me why I took off a year from this kind of work but then I remember that I need the funds to help pay down some of the debt I went into while off work. So I have to bite the bullet and get through it.

This morning it was cold enough outside at 7am for me to wear a beanie. I love wearing my beanies, not only does it keep me warm but I think I look cute wearing them... and believe me I don't say that about myself often. So hopefully it will remain cool for the next few months so I can do beanie caps everyday.

I came across a trailer for a Minion movie. I had no idea they were making this movie. Of course I knew Despicable Me 1 & 2 did well at the box office and the Minion were the breakout stars so it was only a matter of time but this news kind of snucked up on me. But of course it looks great and I can't wait to see it.. check out the trailer.

After work I managed to get one episode of TV in before calling it a night. Tonight I watched Once Upon A Time S4 Ep 6 "Family Business"

Belle attempts to use Rumplestiltskins dagger to find out where the Snow Queen is hiding. Hook and Emma search for answers about the snow queen. Back in fairytale land of the past Anna returns home from her time in the enchanted forest but doesn't know what to tell her sister about what she found out.

I enjoyed tonight's episode, I'm a big fan of Belle and we got some backstory and her encounter with Anna (because everybody knows everybody in Fairytale land). I really liked seeing Anna and Belle visit Grandpappie rock troll. OMG and we got to see Oaken, who was prefect. I'm really disliking Rumple more and more with every new episode. We find out the Snow Queens plan and how Emma and Elsa are part of it. I don't know if the end goal of the Snow Queen is to just have a family, I'm sure there has to be more to the story. We also learn that the Snow Queen has a "secret" weapon that can turn the entire towns people against each other. So will see how this story continues to unfold in next weeks episode.. can't wait.

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