Thursday, November 6, 2014

RGQ: Opinionated Fans

Today I posted a Random Geek Question on Facebook and Twitter: Which Fans are the most critical/opinionated when it comes to their fandom. Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, Who, etc... I got a few serious comments.

From Facebook:

Josh Spivack - I gotta go with Doctor Who. There are flame wars about virtually everything from Stephen Moffat, to River, to opening credits. With the others the debates always seemed more for fun, such as Picard vs. Kirk. etc.

Corby Kennard - Internet.

Samantha Inoue-Harte - omg....Japanese Anime fans can be hardcore critical and vocal about their likes and dislikes. I was sitting in an autographing session and some fan came up and slapped me because he didn't like how I played one of his fave characters.

Jay Regenye - Pssst Kenny the answer is all of them! XD Seriously all fandoms are critical of things. Heck I would judge you if you dressed up as Justin Timberlake and said you were Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys. I have had people jump down my throat for catching and using a bug pokemon on my team because people think they are weak.

Jennifer Luchsinger - Star Wars and Star Trek, fans.

Kevin Komonyi - Drat! I wanted to post a picture and it won't let me.

Simon Meddings - I've said before I think fandom of all kinds has created a collection of immature, argumentative bores. I've left near on all Dr Who related sites because near on 80% seem to just moan. Jog on and just enjoy it.

Christopher Setts - Football geeks are the worst!

Kevin Komonyiv - American football or soccer? I just watched my first rugby match the other day and was surprised how similar it is to American football.

Matthew Luchsinger - I have to go with Star Trek.

And from Twitter:

@danmartin26 - Trek, and it's probably not even close

@luisbermudez - I imagine LotR fans; only based on the fact that they have specific complaints when comparing to source material.

@qimster - definitely who fans lol so much hand wringing

@jkeats - I would go with Game of Thrones. It's a nasty fandom full of a lot of complaining. Check tumblr

What prompted this question was the release of the title for the next Star Wars movie. I mean moments after it was announced "fans" and I use that term lightly were ripping it apart. I don't understand how these supposed "fans" can be so harsh on something that they supposedly love. I know you shouldn't blindly love something just because it's part of something that you have loved in the past.. but there is a difference between constructive criticism and being mean, just to be mean.

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