Thursday, November 6, 2014

Marriage Fail, Star Wars Title & Hobbit Trailer

Today I have several pieces of geeky news (good) and one piece of personal news (bad).. which to talk about first.. let's go with the bad news.  So after a year of wins for marriage equality and lower courts declaring banning of gay marriages as unconstitutional. Today's ruling by the sixth circuit upholding the bans of gay marriage in four states was a shock. Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee still have bans on same sex marriage. Though this is bad news it might be a blessing in disguise as this might make the Supreme court have to rule on this marriage equality issue. So let's hope we can make some lemonade out of these lemons.

Now on to the awesome geeky news.. Disney released the title of Star Wars Episode VII... drum roll... the next installment of the Star Wars movies will be called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. First you might noticed that they didn't add Episode VII to the title like they did with the prequel movies, instead the opted to go the route of the original trilogy, I like it. I am actually ambivalent to the actual title, I mean I don't love it or hate it... it's a title of the next movie. I'm more interested in seeing the movie but I will admit that the title does intrigue me. Has the Force been dormant all these years? Guess will have to wait another year before finding out.

The other big geeky news is that Warner Bros released the full trailer for the next Hobbit movie, The Battle of the Five Armies. This got me super excited. I must have watched it six or seven times in a row and again several times during the day. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final chapter in this Hobbit trilogy.  Check out the trailer below:

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