Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pizza & Babylon 5

It was another crazy day at work so it was nice during the evening that I was able to hang out with my best bud Robert. We haven't done a TV night in a few months and though we didn't have a lot of time we did manage to get one episode of Babylon 5 in before calling it quits but even more important was that we had pizza for dinner. Since finding out that I was pre-diabetic I haven't had any pizza so this was a real treat. I know that I won't be able to have it every week like I have in the past but every once in a while is fine.. and actually pizza isn't horrible for my GI as the bread is the only bad part it's more of a fat/losing weight part. But it was a nice evening with a friend.. which is what I needed after today.

As I mentioned we watched S5 Ep14 "Meditations on the Abyss" On a mission to the edge of Centauri space, Lennier both teaches and learns. Sheridan struggles to keep the Interstellar Alliance together. And Vir grows up fast learning more of the nuances of Centauri diplomacy.

This was a filler episode, nothing of huge significances happens. It was really a Vir and Lennier episode and it was nice seeing those guys as they haven't been in much of this season. We also got a nice moment between the Doctor and G'Kar. I did like the Vir stuff, I liked that he found his back bone, I also liked that Londo announced that Vir will be taking over as Ambassador on B5 when Londo heads back to the homeworld. So overall a good episode but as I mentioned nothing really in it to move the plot forward.

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