Wednesday, February 4, 2015

20 Years, Call The Midwife & Charlie

I just realized that 2015 marks my 20th anniversary working in the entertainment industry. It all started with my internship with Fox Labs (a development section of Fox), which lead to my first job as a production assistant on the revived game show The Dating Game and the rest is history. I went from production assistant to assistant production coordinator, to production coordinator, to assistant script supervisor, back to production assistant then jumped into post with junior assistant editor, then assistant editor, then editor, and finally to post production supervisor. I've had lots of great times, many stressful times and a few bad times but overall I'm really happy with my career choice. I don't know if I'll make it another 20 years in the entertainment industry but who know what the future holds for me.

I watched the latest Call the Midwife, S4 Ep3 The community is outraged and opinions divided at Nonnatus House when an expectant father is charged with gross indecency after being caught committing homosexual acts (at the time illegal in the United Kingdom). Phyllis investigates when she realizes that an impoverished Irish immigrant woman has lied about where she lives. Dr. Turner and Shelagh attempt to trace the source of an outbreak of dysentery.

This was one of my favorite episodes of Call the Midwife and that's staying something since I think all the episodes are pretty amazing. This one reminded me of the Imitation Game as the main character in that movie is also gay in the UK at the time of it being illegal. Unlike the movie this episode delved into it a bit more. We see how the community around this man turns into hateful small minded people. It not only effects the man but his poor pregnant wife.

This was a hard to watch episode. Not only is this poor man "trapped" in a straight marriage (because that's what you did back then) but he's not able to be who he was born to me. When he tires to hook up with another man he gets caught and goes before a judge. Luckily or not so lucky he does not go to jail but instead is put on probation with the requirements to start a hormone treatment to "fix" his homosexuality. The treatment is Estrogen, which has many side effects for men including growing breast tissue. This man is so distraught that it leads to an attempted suicide. Luckily his father-in-law finds him in time to save him and when he sees of new daughter he realizes that he has to do what is right for her and takes the treatment.. it's heartbreaking.

Oh one last thing I wanted to share with you guys.. I found a "Charlie" Pop figure. Charlie is a character from Supernatural played by the wonderful Felicia Day. She's been in five episodes now and I hope we get to see her in future episodes if not get a spinoff of her very own. Anyways back to the figure... I've been wanting to get this Pop for a while and I just happen upon one that was a decent price so I snapped it up. Hopefully I'll be able to get Felicia to autograph it for me one day.

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