Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl Commercials, Heroes Reborn & RBS

I missed the Superbowl yesterday.. well I didn't miss it as so much as I didn't watch it. So I missed all the fun Superbowl commercials. So today with the help of my buddy Scott who has a fun entertainment blog called Experience it All I was able to watch a bunch of the commercials. Some were sweet, some were fun and some were sad. There was a lot of controversy over the Nationwide commercial. People were saying that it was in bad taste and were calling it the "Dead" kid commercial. I honestly don't understand peoples reactions to this commercial. I found it informative and it really got you to think about home safety. Now I will admit that I don't know how home safety fits in with insurance and financial services which the companies deals with but if they want to spend millions of dollars and preach about home safety then more power to them... the good thing is it got people talking.

I loved the Always #Likeagirl commercial. It was interesting to see how society has accepted these negative stereotype comments into our everyday vocabulary. It reminds me of the same derogatory statement "That's so Gay". People don't realize that these comments can hurt and change the way a person actually sees themselves.

The most bizarre commercial for me was the Skittles one. Where everyone in town how the huge muscular arm-wrestling arm including the baby and the dog.. very funny but bizarre. 

There were alots of TV and Movie trailers but the one that hit me the most and was probably the shortest one and that was the teaser trailer for the upcoming reboot of the series Heroes called Heroes Reborn. There wasn't a lot to it but when the music started playing it just brought me back to when I first watched the pilot episode of Heroes at San Diego Comic Con and was just blown away by it. This trailer got me excited again for Heroes so much so that I now want to do a rewatch. 

I actually only watched the first two seasons and started to taper off and only saw an episode or two of the third season and not a single episode of the fourth. Now that all four seasons are on Netflix I think I'll do a complete re-watch from the beginning... anyone want to join me?

During the evening I watched the return episode of the Red Band Society. I so love these series and I'm bummed that they stopped production after episode 13 and it's almost certain that it will be cancelled after they air all the episodes. I was happy to see the series return even if it is for only 3 episodes. I'm going love each and everyone of them. This weeks had lots of emotions, ups and downs and always leaves me with a warm feeling in my heart. I'll miss this series when it's gone.

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