Thursday, February 5, 2015

NerdStrong Workout - Squats, Dumbbells & Ring Pulls

Today was my first "official" workout session at Nerd Strong Gym. After my one on one session a few days ago I was a bit apprehensive for this session. I knew my limits and didn't want a repeat of last time. But with that said I also wanted a good workout and not push myself to my limit. It was fine balance but overall I think it worked.

I actually knew one person in the session with me today, Joey, who I haven't seen in quite a while but it was nice to see a familiar face. Today's workout started with warm up, which was nice since I didn't get a chance to do that beforehand. Our first activity was squats, we were teamed up with another person. I was teamed up with another noob, this was his first session as well.

We had to do 5 squats at 50% weight, 4 at 60%, 3 at 70%, 3 at 80% and 3 at 90% or something similar like that. Since both of us did not know our maximum weight on squats since we've never done them we started with some weight and continued to add more as we felt needed. We started with a 44lb bar, then added 25lbs to each side, before adding an additional 25lbs to each side and finally adding a bit more with 5lbs to each side... Our total weight was 154lbs. So next time I do these I know that I will start with 50% of that weight and move up as indicated. \

After squats the next activity was dumbbell raises and rings pulls. We had to do 5 rounds of dumbbell raises x5 and then 10 to 12 ring pulls.

And our final activity were doing 50 dumbbell raises (with a lighter dumbbell then previously used).

I'm happy to say that I finished third out of the group, which made me very happy. I was extremely tired but I didn't over do it this time. It was a good tired. I wasn't sore yet but I know tomorrow and the next day I was gonna be hurting.

I initially had booked a workout for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this coming week but after today's workout I know I'm going to need at least a day to recovery in-between so I cancelled my workouts for Monday and Wednesday. Maybe down the road I'll be up for workout like this everyday but for know I'm happy with three to four times a week.

If you guys are in the Los Angeles area you really should check out Nerd Strong Gym. Yes it's a bit pricey but it's so worth it... you get the one on one service with small groups (normally less then 15) that you can't normally get at a regular gym.. also everyone is so geek and so much nerd talk happen, it's pretty awesome.

My next session is schedule for Sunday... can't wait!!!

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