Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pushing Your Body To It's Limit

During the evening I headed to my one on one session at NerdStrong. NerdStrong is a geek/nerd themed gym. You can check out more info HERE. I was meeting up with creator and owner of NerdStrong Andrew. I got there a bit before 5:30 and Andrew was finishing up with another client so I hung out for a few minutes and checked the place out.

Once he was done with his client he turned his attention to me and we started our session. We talked for about 20 minutes and he explained how the gym works and his philosophy on working out. I have to say I was extremely impressed with his approach at getting fit. I explained past workout habits, my medical issues, and what I was hoping to get out of this experience.

He then explained the 10 minute fit test that I was about to do, they do this test to get a starting point on your physical fitness. The test consisted of a 250 meter row (on a machine), then 5 push ups, 10 ring pulls (like pulls up) and then 15 squats. You did this 3 times and then you had to run around the parking lot and I think it he said it was something like 200 and something meters. You had to try and get this all done within 10 minutes.

Well I started off and was doing pretty good, rowing was done, push ups, ring pulls and squats, first and second time were fine and then starting on the ring pulls for the third time I started feeling it, but I pushed through the pain and finish my ring pulls and then the final set of squats. As I started my run I went out full force and my legs felt like mush. I managed to run full force 2/3's around the parking lot and then I jogged the final 1/3 and the clock stopped.

Andrew asked what I thought my time was and I said 8 minutes.. hoping it was at least under 10 and he said you did it in 7 minutes. Which is really impressive for the first time.

I was glad I did well but I could tell that I had pushed my body to the limit and then pass it. I immediately sat down and drank some water, moments later I was lying on the floor gasping for air and sweating profusely. I laid there for about five minutes until I felt the urge to throw up so I excused myself to the bathroom and stumbled my way over and somehow got into the room, closed and locked the door. I made my way over to the toilet but it was so difficult to say upright that I just fell to the floor, the nice cold floor and laid there for about ten minutes before the urge to throw up came back and just as I made my way to the toilet it happened. I sat there hoping it would happen again but nothing more came out. I laid back down for another 20 or so minutes. The throw up sensation was gone but now my stomach was in cramps and it felt like I had to go to he bathroom. I don't know how I did it but I managed to pull down, my now soaked sweats and underwear, and get myself in a sitting position on the toilet but nothing happened and I couldn't keep myself upright for to long.

At this moment panic set in. I have never experience this before. I was still sweating profusely leaving wet spots on the floor and my breathing wasn't getting any calmer. If I had had my phone with me I probably would have called 911 and I was moments from calling for help as people started to arrived for the next workout session. But as I laid there on the floor for 45 minutes my breathing started to calm and soon become regular and I wasn't sweating as much. I sat up a bit dizzy but soon that would pass and I was finally able to stand up and exit the bathroom.

Andrew gave me the thumbs up as he was in the middle of class and I returned it with a smile and a nod. I was embarrassed as to what just happen so I really didn't make any eye contact with anyone and just made my way quickly out of the gym. All I wanted to do was get home and go to bed, which is exactly what I did. Soon as I got home I peeled off my soaked clothes and didn't even bother taking a shower I just crashed on my bed and slept for 10 hours.

Though the night ended badly, the experience at Nerd Strong was FANTASTIC!!!!  I really like Andrew, I think he really knows his stuff and I'm looking forward to my first session with other members.

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