Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My 45th Birthday!!!


After the gym I headed out to Denny's to get my free Birthday Breakfast (second breakfast). I try and do this every birthday because.. it's free. Who's gonna not take advantage of free. So you get to build your own birthday breakfast and choose four items from a list of items. I went with my usual which is eggs (scrambled), sausage (sometimes bacon), hash browns and pancakes but today I went with a biscuit instead. I know some people scuff at Denny's food but I've always enjoyed them and I mean it's breakfast and you can't really screw that up.

Once I was done with breakfast I headed home, showered and changed for work. Yeah I have to work today (the big party is going to be this coming Saturday). Work was fine, it's getting extremely busy, which is good because it makes the time fly.

When I got home I headed out to dinner with my buddy Will. He contacted me last night and asked if I wanted to have dinner and since I had not made any plans I was free. We headed to Buffalo Wild Wings and enjoyed some tasty vittles. Best part of hanging out with Will is our awesome conversations. Will and I don't hang out as often as we would like so when it does happen it's pretty fantastic. Afterwards he came back to my place and we chatted for a for more hours.. well past my bed time but the company and conversation was too good to call it a night.

Overall it was a quiet but nice birthday, as I said I expect Saturday to be a blast. Thanks Will for spending my birthday evening with me.. it was perfect.

And I want to thank everyone for their Birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Texts.. you all know how to make a guy feel super loved!!!

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