Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Legs and Balance

Today's workout titled "Ministry of Silly Walks" started with a great warm up. First we did a 230 meter run around the parking lot, then we harness our inner spirit animals for a Bear (now known as a AT-AT) Walk, Forward Crab Walk (which are the worse things in the world), Frog Jumps and Lateral Monkey Walk before doing another 230 meter lap around the parking lot this time doing an Indian Run. I was good with everything except the Forward Crab Walk, what makes this particularly bad is the fact that you have to keep your fingers facing forward and it's a killer for the wrists.

Next for our Skill portion of the workout it was all legs and balance. We started with 10x each side Front Scale Leg Lifts, then 10x each side Back Scale Leg Lifts and finally 10x each side Front to Back Scales. With these kinds of workouts you really get to know your mobility and how much balance you don't have. With some of these I could do with ease but then the next one I couldn't hold my balance to save my life and I would have to stop and take a minute to regain it and start again.

We then moved on to the actual Workout of the Day. It as 4 Rounds of 6x Push-Up Side Walks, 6x Bananas and then 60x Jumping Jacks. This doesn't look like much compared to things we have done in the past but this took a toll on me and by the third round I was exhausted but continued to push through and finish all four rounds.

Great workout as usual. Thanks guys!!

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