Thursday, September 24, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Bench Press Fun

Today is Strength day at NerdStrong Gym, I'm not a huge fan of Strength day as I really don't like barbell work.. with exception to Bench Press and guess what we are doing today.... BENCH PRESS!!!

We started with a nice warm up consisting of a 230 meter run, banded pass thrus, banded pull aparts, 10x Dumbbell Exterior rotation and 6x Perfect Stretches.

After the warm up with went into the main workout.. Bench Press' 8 sets of 3 at various percentage of your max hold. I was teamed up with coach Andrew so we went with my max hold which is 205lbs. So we started at 60% or 125 lbs.. this was pretty easy so we moved up to 70% or 145 lbs.. 3 reps at this weight is fairly easy for me so we up'd it to 80% or 165 lbs.. now it's getting interesting. But this is only my third set so I managed to get through these with just a bit of effort. We then move up a bit more to 85% or 175 lbs. This definitely took some effort and it's crazy to think this is were my max was just a few months ago.

We then drop back to to 65% or 135 lbs and after doing 175 lbs this was nothing, and so was 75% or 155 lbs. I started to feel it when we hit 85% or 175 lbs and then finally hit the max we were going to lift today, 90% or 185 lbs. It took some effort but I did my three reps and managed to keep my form in tact.

I was extremely happy with my performance on bench press today.

As a finisher we had a mini workout of 5 rounds of 10x Wall Balls and 10x Sit Ups.

I think by the third round you are really start to feel it and by the time you hit the fifth round you are ready for it to be over.

Here's another great story about my gym... read the article and watch the video HERE

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