Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Rowing Efficiently

Today's workout was all about Rowing.. but before we got that we did a nice stretching warm up to get our muscle nice and ready.

We then moved on to Row Drills but first we did a 2:00 minute Row Test to see where we stood. We then rested for 2 minutes before teaming up and  breaking down the row step by step.  One person was on the rower while the other person planked. We started the breakdown with 1 minute of Legs Only, so all you're doing is pushing back and forth with your legs. While you are doing this your partner is planking (various ways) and then you switch and you plank while they do the drill. We then moved on to 1 minute of Pause at Bottom of Row. Then 1 minute of Pause at Top of Row before doing 1 minute of Plant Feet/No Rocking.

All of these movements are to help us row more efficiently. By pausing for a split second you are allowing the rower to do a few rotations which gives you more meters without working for them. By planting your feet and not lifting them it gives you more of a base to push off of.

After the breakdown we redid the 2:00 minute Row test and man was there a difference. I manged to keep the same fast pace as my first test but I felt like I was putting in about 2/3d's of the effort to get those results. I think what helped me the most was the pausing and allowing the machine to do the job for me.

For a finisher we had to do 5 minutes of Wall Squats and Med Ball Hold. So one of you would do Wall Squats while your partner would hold a Med Ball overhead. The person doing the Wall ball really dictated when we switched as that task was harder then holding a med ball overhead. Five minutes doesn't seem that long but man it feel like forever when your exhausted.

And because it's my birthday a few of us did Birthday Battleropes and to spice things up we did a completely new version called Stagecoach Battleropes where you are sitting on the floor and doing the ropes so you have no leg help and it's all arms. We do Birthday Battleropes for one second of each year you've been alive.. I unfortunately turn 45 today so that meant 45 seconds of battleropes and man were they are killer.  I was happy to see a few fellow NerdStrongers joined me for battleropes so I didn't have to suffer alone. Thanks coach David, coach Andrew, and buddies Robert, Micheal and Brett for partaking in the fun. 

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