Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Who & Heroes Reborn

After my party Erik (who was leaving back to Portland, tomorrow AM) and Thomas (who would be staying with me for a week) went back to my place to hang out and watch some TV. We started with the second episode of Doctor Who's ninth season. S9 Ep2 "The Witch's Familiar"

Using Dalek energy, Missy was able to power her teleporter for her and Clara to escape. The two attempt to find the Doctor, going through the sewers, which are filled with decaying Daleks. They successfully kill a Dalek and empty its case to disguise Clara inside of it. Meanwhile, Davros tells the Doctor he wishes to heal him, and asks the Doctor if he is a good man. The Doctor comforts Davros, and the two begin to bond. Feeling compassion for him, the Doctor uses a little regeneration energy to power Davros' life support, which is also connected to every Dalek. This turns out to be a trap, and begins draining the Doctor to regenerate Davros and the Daleks. Missy saves the Doctor, and the energy also restores the dying Daleks, who wish to destroy the functional Daleks. While escaping, the Doctor and Missy encounter Clara's Dalek. Missy tries to trick the Doctor into killing her, but fails and escapes. The Doctor then returns to the battlefield, where he doesn't kill Davros, but destroys the mines to free him and then helps the young Davros home.

After last weeks premiere episode ending on a cliffhanger I kind of knew that Clara and Missy weren't dead and that the Doctor wasn't going to kill "kid" Davros, but I didn't see how they were going to write themselves out of the spot they got themselves in... but sure enough they did. I don't know if I like the resolution but in the end it works. I thought the most interesting part of this episode was Carla Dalek trying to convey to the Doctor that she was Clara and every nice thing she said/thought was translated into nasty comments. It kind of makes you feel bad for the Daleks as they truly have no way of breaking the cycle of their evilness. Missy was great as always I love the way Michele Gomez is playing her. The whole thing with Davros and the Doctor and who was playing who kind of dragged on for a bit to long. And I knew this wasn't going to happen and hate to say it but it would have been really interesting if the Doctor did kill "kid" Davros and rid the universe of these evil Daleks.. how much history would have changed... would have been interesting to see.. kind of like a "what if" episode. Overall I enjoyed the second part to the story and I think the new Who is getting off to a pretty good start.

We then watched the premiere episode of Heroes Reborn. *Season 5, Ep1 "Brave New World" - In Odessa, Texas, Primatech, the leaders in "evo" research, are hosting a peace summit for evos and humans to come together, when the venue is bombed. Mohinder is blamed for the bombing, and over the next year, people with powers around the world are hunted down, believed to be dangerous and untrustworthy. Tommy Clark, a high school student with powers living in Illinois, barely escapes an anonymous meeting for evos that turns into a slaughter. Noah is working as a car salesman under the name Ted Barnes when he finds out that his memory of the bombing was tampered with. War veteran Carlos Gutierrez finds out that his brother Oscar has been fighting crime as a masked vigilante with super strength in Los Angeles, but when Oscar dies, Carlos is faced with tough responsibilities. In Tokyo, a girl named Miko Otomo finds a sword in her father's study that sends her into a video game world to save him.

First let me say that I loved season one of Heroes and I did watch season two and enjoyed it (though it suffered from the writers strike). I watched the first few episodes of season three but then they started piling up on my DVR and eventually I just deleted them and figured I'd come back to it once it came out on DVD... well that never happened. 

So I'm familiar with the world but not with seasons three and four in which this story takes place a year later after events from those seasons. But being the geek that I am.. I've read or heard enough of what happened so I have an idea of what's going on.

Now to Heroes Reborn Ep1... I enjoyed it for the most part. It had a very Heroes feel to it. Lots and lots of questions and very little to no answers. I enjoyed the characters with exception to Zachary Levi and his killing partner. I know Zach is a main character but I don't see how they are going to redeem him. I assume his partner (wife) is going to die at some point (and I'll cheer when that happens) but I feel that Zach's character is so past redemption.. guess I'll have to wait and see. I think my favorite of all the storylines would be Tommy. Also the girl is Japan that teleports to an animated world is interesting.. really don't know what's going on but interested to see if she's related or connect to Hiro in some way. Overall I enjoyed this first episode and it peaked my interest enough so much so that I am looking forward to seeing episode two. Not loving it right off the bat but it has potential... the jury is still out.

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