Sunday, September 27, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Oh Willow!!!

Today was a workout based on one of my all time favorite fantasy movies Willow. Though I didn't appreciate all the negative comments about the movie said and written on the board the workout itself was pretty fantastic.

We did a nice stretching warm up before splitting up into teams of three. Willow (Me), Madmartigan (Derek) and Sasha (Liz). What we had to do was 1 person would do the workout, while another held Elora Dana (sandbag) and the third person rested.

We started with a 460 Meter Team Jog around the parking lot while we took turns carrying Elora. We then moved on to 100x Team Push Ups, 120x Team Sit-Ups, 150x Team Air Squats, another 460 Meter Team Jog before finishing with a 3 minutes Team Plank.

We broke down each workout into smaller more manageable parts, so for the 100x Push Ups we did 10 each until the 100 were complete. We broke down each of the workouts similarly.

While we worked out "Brownies" would try and steal Elora. Coach would roll a dice, if they got 1 - 10 we were safe, 11 - 20 we were attacked, if we were attacked whoever was holding Elora at the time had to hold her above their head for 15 seconds. I think Liz and I got stuck a few times having to to this.

We finished fairly early on and realized that we should had gone for the red "advanced" numbers 150x Push Ups, 180x Sit Ups and 240x Air Squats but regardless we got an great workout and I had a pretty great team.

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