Friday, October 2, 2015

Car Woes

A few days ago my engine light came on, besides having two recalls (nothing major) on my vehicle as well as having some sort of weird transmission problem the past six months I figured this was the last straw and that I had to take my little Ford Fiesta in to be serviced. So I made an appointment at the dealership since my car is still under warranty (thankfully I purchased the extended warranty). So I explained everything that was wrong with the car and the guy said that they wouldn't even be able to look at the transmission issue until Monday at the earliest but they could do everything else today and tomorrow. So I was going to have to leave my car there a few days. Luckily a co-worker of mine lives just a block away so I knew I would be able to get to and from work, I also have a ton of friends who live close by and go to NerdStrong so I was hoping to catch a ride with one of them. Now I wait to hear back and see what other issues they will come across.

Update... got call from the dealer towards the end of the work day.. He informed me that I need to replace my catalytic converter, that was causing the engine light to come on. And he also said that my clutch is bad. What's crazy is that I have an automatic. Come to find out that the car is actually a manual and there is mechanism in the transmission that automatically shifts. I knew they car had a weird shifting system but I never knew it's technically a manual vehicle. Anyways the catalytic converter won't be in until Wednesday which means I won't get my car back until Thursday morning... ugh!! You would think they would offer me a loaner car since it's a manufacturer defect but nope.. I mean I guess I could have been a dick but you know me.. I'm mister nice guy. What makes this worse is that my car is fairly new.. it's a 2013. Catalytic converters and clutches shouldn't be going out in a two year old car. This was my very first brand new car because I was tried of used cars needing repairs all the time. I guess I just have no luck with cars. I can say without a doubt that I will never buy a Ford again. But me being the eternal optimist, it's all covered under warranty so I won't have to pay a penny.

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  1. Hi, I feel your pain. I hate that feeling when you look at the dashboard and see the "warning lights of doom". It's the worst, isn't it? Me and my hubby had one recently and it turns out it was a problem with the oil filter which cost us a small fortune. We had to get it done though. I love that car.