Tuesday, September 29, 2015

X-Files Promo & Agents of SHIELD S3 Premiere

Today Fox release a promo for the upcoming X-files mini series. It's only 45 seconds long but it's 45 seconds of AWESOME!!! I so excited to return to this universe. I have watched every single epsisode of The X-Files and have watched the two movies. I even have the action figures, comic books and trading cards.. you can say I'm a fan... Check it out...

Tonight I watched Agents of SHIELD S3 Ep1 "Laws of Nature" Director Phil Coulson and Agent Daisy Johnson leading the charge as S.H.I.E.L.D. searches the world for more powered people in the aftermath of their epic battle with Jiaying and her army of Inhumans. However, Coulson and the team soon find out that they are not the only group looking for these new Inhumans. Simmons has been missing for three months and Fitz is not ready to let her go and will do anything to solve the mystery of the monolith.

I have been waiting all summer for the return of this series and man did it not disappoint. The opening scene alone was amazing and it just got better and better until the crazy ending. There was no May or Ward in this episode but that was cool. I'm not sure how I feel about this new Alien Task Force, though I do like the lead women.. she's gonna be a good foil for Coulson. I'm loving the interaction between Daisy (Skye) and Mack, they have this great buddy thing happening. Glad to see Hunter and Bobbie still together and in love. Lincoln and Daisy's battle with Lash was pretty epic but Mack had all the great lines. Fitz is like an whole new man on a mission and the end when he goes up to the Monolith and starts to pound and scream at it to do something was heartbreaking. And last but definitely not least they didn't waste any time letting you know that Simmons is alive and well and somehow surviving on an Alien planet.

The writing is quick, the special effects are amazing for TV and the storyline is moving along at a very brisk pace. So much awesome in one episode, what an amazing way to begin the third season.. I can't wait for more.

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