Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Battles, Battles and More Battles

Today's workout consisted of 3 big battles...

First up was a Air Squat / Push Up Ladder. We started with 1 Air Squat and 10 Push Ups and then 2 Air Squats and 9 Push Ups and so on.. moving up with Air Squats and down with Push Ups. I love Push Ups but I'm so happy that we started high on push ups and dropped down as the longer this workout went the sorer my arms and shoulders became. We had a total of 9 minutes to complete the ladder and I'm happy to say that I finished just under the time limit. We did a total of 55 Air Squats and 55 Push Ups.

Our next battle was 3 rounds of 1 minute Jump Rope, 10x Dumbbell Strict Press, 10x Knee Raises and 1 Minute Rest. At first you think to yourself "I'm not gonna need that minute rest, I'll just whip through these 3 rounds.. but after the first round you are so grateful for that minute rest which feels like 10 seconds. This too had a time cap of 10 minutes and I'm happy to say that I completed everything within the limit.

The final battle was the toughest. It was 3 rounds of 7x Ring Rows, 7x Burpees and 1 Minute of Rest. My arms and shoulders were already dead from all the Push Ups, Jump Rope and Strict Press' now we had to do Ring Rows and Burpees and man was it tough. That third round of Ring Rows I thought my arms were gonna fall off but I did manage to get it all done with in the 10 minute time limit.

It was a tough workout but those are my favorite as I really feel like I push my body to it's limits and when you complete it you can look back and think to yourself.. "Wow... I just did that"

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