Monday, September 21, 2015

Premieres: Big Bang Theory & Scorpion

It's the beginning of the new TV season and I watched two season premieres this evening. The Big Bang Theory and Scorpion.

First up The Big Bang Theory S9 Ep1 "The Matrimonial Momentum" Leonard and Penny arrive in Las Vegas while the gang gathers at the Wolowitz house to watch their wedding online. Sheldon pushes Amy to make up her mind about the status of their relationship.

I've enjoyed The Big Bang Theory from the very first episode but the past few seasons or so I feel like I'm watching this series out of obligation. Yes there are still some pretty amazing episodes that are super funny but some don't even register with me and I forget about them as soon as they are over. TBS airs repeats from the first six seasons and there are so many awesome episodes that I can clearly remember watching and enjoying. If you ask me to recall an episode from last season I would have a tough time remembering anything. I feel like the Penny and Leonard relationship is kind of blah at the moment, there isn't much happening with Bernadette and Howard's relationship and I don't like the Raj and Emily relationship at all. The only fun relationship is Amy and Sheldon. That's really the only one that I care about and look forward to seeing where it goes.

It's hard for me to speak negatively towards this series as I have said I still really enjoy it but it's missing that spark that it had during the first six or so seasons. Hopefully season 9 will reignite that spark and I'll want to watch new episodes over and over again like I did in the past.

With that said the season premiere was just okay.. again didn't care for the Wedding of Penny and Leonard.. what I found the most funniest was the break up of Sheldon and Amy and Sheldon's reaction. Can't wait to see where that storyline goes.

I also watched the season 2 premiere of Scorpion S2 Ep1 "Satellite of Love" Scorpion is back in business after new Homeland Security director Adriana Molina tasks them with a case when the nuclear-powered Russian K-12 satellite is knocked out of orbit by space debris. They race to the Rocketry Aeronautics Center to divert the now-turned A-bomb's course before it detonates over Southern California. But after last year's car accident, Walter isn't one hundred percent physically and mentally there due to a hand injury and post-concussion syndrome. His hidden feelings for Paige have also seemed to cloud his judgement. When problems arise on the job, they have to work extremely close together. Later, they test their theory of the team vs. their attraction with a working hypothesis of a kiss.

I was hooked on Scorpion after the very first episode. What made it even better is that it was a moderate hit for CBS, so much so that it got a full pick up and second season fairly early on. I'm happy to say that this new episode still has it... action, comedy and suspense all rolled into one. I love the characters and though they are changing they are stay the same. The Paige and Walter relationship is still on again off again. I'm liking the new Homeland Security director, hopefully she'll remain an ally for our team. Overall a great way to start the new season and I look forward to many more adventure with Team Scorpion.

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