Sunday, September 20, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Sugar Rush!!!

This workout was one of my favorites.. and that's saying something since I love them all. But this one was particularly entertaining and fun.

It's Sunday so that means group themed workout, which is always a blast. It is Wreck-it-Ralph themed if you didn't know by the title "Sugar Rush". Of course we did a light warm up before being split into teams of four. Each team has a disassembled car, Body = Wood Box, Axles = 10 & 15 lbs Mace and Front Wheels = 27 & 35 lbs Kettlebell And Back Wheels = 14 & 20 lbs Medicine balls. So the object of this workout was do complete the work at the station and then walk around the parking lot (230 meters) with all your car parts before moving on to the next station and then doing it again and again.

So we started with a 2000 meter team row. My team opted to do 500 meters each so we only had to get on the rower once. I opted to go first as that meant I would have more rest time before starting the trek around the parking lot. We then had to figure out how to carry all those car parts among the four of us. The first time around we opted for one of us to carry the light kettlebell and heavy medicine ball while the other person carried the light medicine ball and heavy mace. Then the other two would carry the box together in one hand and then one would have the heavy kettlebell and one would have the light mace. I was carrying the box and light mace and about halfway through the walk my hand holding the box started to hurt so the box holders switched sides and made the rest of the trip.

When we got back we had to do 140 meter Sprint Relay. So one by one we sprinted (ran as fast as possible) to the end of the building and back before your next team mate could go. When we were done with that we once again had to carry our car parts around the parking lot. This time those who didn't carry the box the first time carried the box this time and we tried various configurations carrying the mace, kettlebell and medicine balls. Like before we made a pit stop about half way around the parking lot so the box people could change sides and reset.

Team Double Mint
Once back we had to do 30 Team Squats and pass a baton around (we got to choose the baton as it was a part from the car, we chose the light kettlebell). So we stood in the shape of a square facing each other and one by one we would do a squat with the kettlebell in our hands and count off before passing it to the person to our left. We did this 30 times. Once done we gathered our car parts and made our trek around the parking lot once again.

When we got back we had to do 20 Push-Ups in Unison. So again we got into a square shape and did our 20 push-ups in unison one at a time.. that was fun and some nice team work. As some of us were not proficient as others when it came to Push Ups.

We did our final walk around the parking lot with our car parts before doing our final task which was 25 Box Jumps in a Round-Robin manner. So the four of us stood around a tall box and one at a time we'd jump and count off until we finished all 25.

I had an awesome team and we worked so well together that we finished in first place.. woot!!! (not that it's a competition) :)

Thanks coach Andrew and coach Christy for coming up with such an amazing and super fun workout. Can't wait to do this one again. 

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