Thursday, November 19, 2015

LARPs The Series S2 Ep7 - My Thoughts

S2 Ep7 "Last Breath" It doesn't matter if you win or lose; it's how you play the game.

This is by far the best episode of LARPs The Series in my opinion. I loved every minute of it. Half of the episode is set in the LARPing world with some amazing fight sequences and the other half is moments after the LARPing session and the complete and total meltdown on the team.

Brittney was ready to sacrifice her character Corillia for the greater good, that was until Will's character Biff came to her rescue which didn't make her happy at all. Will and Brittney's argument escalates when Arthur is brought into it and the three just attack each other. Some brilliant acting was happening during that scene. It's always hard to watch characters that you like argue like that.

There was a very sweet scene between Kat and Evan when she asks him out. Evan's reaction is simply adorable.. that is of course until she slips up and kind of reveals Shane secret that she's been writing about the LARPing group behind everyone's back.

Then there is another amazing scene at the end when Shane confronts Evan and just let's him have it and he just drives away. Again like with the other argumentative scene some brilliant acting was happening. These guys have some acting chops.

The last six episodes have been leading up to this huge blow out and now we have only a few episodes left this season to rebuild this team and make them stronger then ever.. at least that's how I hope it turns out. Can't wait to see how the resolve this episode.

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