Sunday, November 15, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - UberViking

For today's workout we were doing UBERVIKING. Now we've done the Viking workout in the past and it's a tough one but Uberviking is like nothing we've done before.

After a warm up of 9x Wall Squats, 140 Meter Run, 9x Sit Ups, 9x Lunges and 9x PVC Dislocates.

We then jumped into the main workout. We had to start in heats since we only have 5 Row Machines. I was part of the first heat as I really wanted to finish the entire thing so I figured the sooner I started the better chance I had at finishing before the class was over.

I started with a 1000 Meter Row, rowing is not one of my strong points and not a favorite of mine but I trudged though meter by meter. Next was a 460 Meter Run with Gear, this was either a Spear (Barbell), Shield (Weighted Plate), Boulder (Wallball) or Sling Bullets (Steel Bell). I chose a Boulder and I actually enjoy running so this part of the workout was okay for me. We had to run two time around the parking lot to do the full 460 Meters. Next was 100 Tire Strikes, this is fun, you take a Mace and pound a large tire. Once you get into a rhythm it's pretty easy. I then moved on to 100 Slam Balls. This is where it got hard.. doing slam balls isn't bad but doing 100 of them at one time is a killer.. but somehow I got through them and moved on to 100 Gravediggers. This was a new movement for us and we had to take a weighted plate and then squat down and kind of scoop the ground, 50 on each side. You then had to do another 460 Meter Run with Gear (Medicine Ball again) and then get back on the rower and row another 1000 Meters.

I don't know how I did it and as I type this all out I still don't know how I did it but I finished with plenty of time to spare (benefit of going in the first wave). This was one of the hardest workouts we've done.. starting with a 1000 meter row and ending with a 1000 meter row was a killer. 

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