Saturday, November 21, 2015

Meeting Mrs Patmore

So I was watching Good Day LA yesterday morning and they had on Lesley Nicol who plays Mrs Patmore on Downton Abbey. She mentioned that she was going to be at the Farmer's Market Cost Plus World Market tomorrow for a food drive for the LA food bank, if you bring 5 can goods you can get an autographed picture. I immediately messaged my buddy Leo to see if she wanted to join me as she is a recent fan of Downton and she agreed to go with me. So this morning she and I went down to World Market about an hour and a half before she was to sign as we didn't know if it would be super crowded or not. When we got there, there was a table in front of the store where we left our can goods. They gave us our line numbers and said to be back a half hour before she was to sign. We were surprised that we got numbers #8 and #9.

We had an hour to kill so we headed over to the Farmers Market to grab some lunch. Once we were done we made our way back to the World Market and got in line which was on the outside of the store. As it got closer to the time the line grew and started to go around the corner. There were several press people taking pictures of us (the fans). Right on time Mrs Nicol arrived and made her way into the store. They took six people at a time and after about 20 minutes Leo and I made our way into the store and got into another line and waited. It looked like friends and employee friends got to jump in front of everyone to get pictures and such.. this would explain why it was taking longer then expect.

The set up was nice, Mrs Nicol stood up on a platform next to a table where she was signing pictures. She was allowing us to take pictures with her and she spent a good five minutes chatting with you. I went up before Leo. I was all giddy smiling from ear to ear as I shook her hand. She was very sweet and soft spoken. She mentioned my awesome T-shirt (I was wearing the Union Jack (British Flag). She asked where I got the shirt and mentioned that she needs to get a flag for her house and we discussed getting one on ebay. We talked a bit about Downton and how much I love her character and how I have already seen season six and was very happy with where they were taking her character. We did a bit more chit chat before taking several pictures and then getting a hug from her and saying goodbye.

After I walked down from the platform my friend Leo with the same giddy grin that I had went up. As I exited the area a guy pulled me aside and asked if I would do a quick interview about meeting her. I don't know who he was with (the store, LA Food Bank or the actress) but I said of course so he asked me a few questions and I answer them as excitingly as I could.

After Leo was done we fanboy/fangirled out a little bit and then went shopping. World Market had some very cool Downton Abbey merchandise as well other cool items. Once we were done talking we headed out and sat in the courtyard and talked about the experience of meeting her. Some how the conversation turned to Harry Potter and I asked if Leo had ever been to Whimsic Alley (a very cool Harry Potter store), she said no so of course I had to take her since it was only a few miles way.

We spent a half hour or so walking around Whimsic Alley checking everything out. Since their lawsuit with the WB they have changed their merchandise a bit and also added abit more British things to their inventory like Doctor Who, Sherlock and Downton Abbey.

It was a great day.. I'm so happy Leo agreed to go with me as I would not have gone alone and I would have missed out on this great experience... Thanks again Leo for joining me.

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  1. Thank you for inviting me and for the wonderful tour Kenny! I had a lovely day!