Friday, August 27, 2010

Cleaning House & Podcasting

Today I spent the entire day.. on and off, cleaning the house and preparing for guests this weekend. Our friends John and Moises are going to be spending the weekend with us to get away from the city life. I think it's cool how people want to come stay at our house to "get away" and this is where we live everyday.. kind of nice.

Should be a fun weekend.. only have to vacuum tomorrow before they arrive and everything will be done.

I took a break from cleaning to finish up Knights of the Guild podcast episode 19 pt2. I finished most of it yesterday but was waiting for a segment from Sean Becker (director of The Guild) which he emailed me this morning. So I was able to finish it up.. in the middle of converting and uploading then I need to build the webpage and it will be ready for release on Sunday.

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