Saturday, October 16, 2010

Missing Friends

This has been on my mind lately so I figured I'd blog about it. I think because I had such an AWESOME time with my padawan Troy last weekend it got me asking myself why I don't do that more often. Meaning just hang out with friends, no agenda just enjoy ones company.

I have some of the best friends in the world and I consider a few of them my closest friends (you know who you are). But as I get older I see them less and less. I know as our lives get busier and busier free time tends to be dwindling but I miss the good ol' days when we would just hangout, watch some TV, go to lunch, do a movies, play some video games or just sit in the living room for hours talking.

Yeah we still see each other at birthdays, or plan a lunch or dinner meet up once a month but it's different then just hanging out with no agenda and deciding on what you want to do together. It's like we have to slot each other into a schedule to make sure we spend time together and I don't know why or when this started to be the norm.

Maybe the good ol' days are gone, maybe we have to many responsibilities now, but does that mean we can't just hang out at least once a month and not really plan anything just spend time together and see where it goes? I hope so because I really miss my friends.


  1. I completely agree and say let's just hang out.

  2. I know this feeling extremely well, I'm going through it myself lately.