Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My New Podcast - Epic Geek Out

Today while taking to my friend Jen I mentioned how I've always wanted to do another podcast, one who's topic wasn't restricted like it is with Knights of the Guild. To my surprise she asked if she could be my co-host. She and I co-hosted our very first podcasts a few years back for the Treks in Sci Fi forums RPG game called The Ready Room and we had a great time. I was surprised that she asked as she just had a new baby and is extremely busy. But when she asked I of course said yes and suddenly we were planning our next podcast. I mean I wanted to do one but didn't have any plans on starting one so quickly.

A few hours later:
  • we an idea of what kind of podcast - 30 minute roundtable discussion about 1 geeky topic per episode. There are alot of geeky podcasts out there talking about all kinds of geeky things. I wanted it to be different so I came up with the idea of having two permanent host (Jen and I) and then having 2 to 3 other hosts that will revolve from podcast to podcast depending on the topic of discussion.
  • Jen and I worked on a name and finally settled on - Epic Geek Out or EGO for short.
  • Getting a URL is always fun, but we wound up with http://TheEGOshow.com
  • I knew I wanted to use podbean as that is what I use for my Knights of the Guild podcast and for the most part it's a fairly good and reliable system. So our podbean website is http://EpicGeekOut.podbean.com
  • We then had to set up a Gmail and had to go with EpicGeekMail@gmail.com as the other ones were already taken.. but we're very happy with that one.
  • Last we set up a Twitter account  and since Epic Geek Out was taking we went with @EpicGeekOutShow. 
Jen is currently working on a Logo for our show, our buddy Rick Moyer is working on some music and I'm working on our topics of discussions and the podcast will be formatted and who are guests will be for our first few episodes.

It's pretty amazing how something that I was just thinking about turns into something real in a matter of a few hours. I guess that's what happens when you get two very excited people ready to make some magic.

More details to come.. hope to have our first episode out next month.


  1. Excited to listen to the new podcast!

  2. cool to see you expand your body of work.

    where can i apply to be one of the revolving co-hosts?

  3. Hey Andrew I'll add your name to the list.