Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Time with My Padawan

Got up at 8am this morning, Troy got up about 10 minutes later. I made us breakfast and once again we chatted. After breakfast we went out to Vasquez Rocks as it was still early and fairly cool. Since he didn't plan to stay the night we didn't have the right shoes and after a few attempts to go up a steep incline and him almost falling down the hillside we opted for the other side and less steep rock. We had a great time hiking around Vasquez. After Vasquez we headed back to my place and started to play some Wii.. for the next few hours we played various Wii Resort Games and had a blast. Harry got up and I made some spaghetti and garlic bread for lunch. We ate and then I wanted to interview Troy for a "fan" interview for my Knights of the Guild podcast. After we recorded we just hung out in my office and chatted. 3pm came around and Harry and I had to leave for a friends daughter's birthday and Troy had to head back home as he was attending a pumpkin carving party this evening.

So we said our good byes and what was suppose to be a few hours visit on Saturday turned into a really fun and memorable weekend. We made plans to hang out again soon and I look forward to it.

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